What is Onbegrensdzeeuwsvlaanderen?

OnbegrensdZeeuwsVlaanderen is a collaboration between the three municipalities of Zeeuws-Vlaanderen (Hulst, Sluis and Terneuzen), the business community and various organisations in Zeeuws-Vlaanderen. Together, we carry out activities that strengthen Zeeuws-Vlaanderen as an area in its own right and as part of the cross-border Euregio Scheldemond. We focus on living and working, the labour market, education and the level of facilities and we are there for interested parties on both sides of the border.

Zeeuws-Vlaanderen lies between the Netherlands and Belgium, which means that many influences and contrasts converge in Zeeuws-Vlaanderen. For example, the exuberant influences from Flanders and the culinary influences from the province of Zeeland, the border between water and land, the contrast between the dynamics of the port area and the peace and quiet of the countryside: Zeeuws-Vlaanderen has no boundaries when it comes to living, working and enjoying. We would love to show you these unlimited possibilities!

Logo Onbegrensd Zeeuws-Vlaanderen
Mission Onbegrengsd Zeeuws-Vlaanderen

Carrying out joint activities that strengthen Zeeuws-Vlaanderen as a whole and as part of the cross-border Euregio Scheldemond that are of interest to citizens on both sides of the border and to interested parties in the region. The annual rapport for 2020 can be viewed here.

Enthusiastic team

Ellen van Troost, Sarie Steenbergen and Nathalie de Schepper make up the enthusiastic team of OnbegrensdZeeuwsVlaanderen. Ellen works as project secretary and organizer. This means that she writes the annual plan and the annual report, prepares the meetings and works on activities to realise the objectives of OnbegrensdZeeuwsVlaanderen. Sarie is project assistant, takes care of the back office and, together with Nathalie as a communications advisor, forms the communications team. They maintain the website with up-to-date information, answer guest’s questions and are active on social media. They develop promotional materials and arrange everything that’s needed to have, for example, a stand at an event.  

This year we have taken some important steps. Since May, there has been an English version of our website, so our information is now also available to the growing group of internationals in our region. For our first physical event in 2022, we have developed a new promotional wall and a discussion wheel.